Top Revolutionary Leaders in Healthcare AI To Watch

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An Accenture report revealed that artificial intelligence (AI) applications in healthcare could save up to $150 billion annually for the U.S. by 2026. This valuable insight makes it easy to see how AI has unlimited potential and the capacity to redesign the healthcare landscape. At DrChrono, we also aim to completely re-imagine healthcare as we know it - and for the better.

However, we recognize that we cannot do this alone and are working with the best-in-class AI-powered partners to round out our users’ end-to-end experience. With this in mind, this post highlights some of the top leaders in healthcare AI we have partnered with who are creating revolutionary changes in patient management, care, and outcomes.


Did you know about 72% of patients first seek online reviews when searching for a medical provider? In the age of technology, marketing tactics in the healthcare industry are becoming increasingly more important to implement to drive a practices’ success.

That’s where Birdeye comes in. Birdeye is the highest-rated all-in-one reputation and customer experience platform for local businesses and brands. More than 100,000 businesses, physicians, and medical groups of all sizes use Birdeye every day. With the help of Birdeye, practices can collect, view and respond to reviews all from one platform, request referrals from your patients, and send and collect survey responses.

Birdeye recently launched a new review and survey response solution with the help of AI technology. Based on a ChatGPT model, this solution automatically generates a human-like response based on the tone and context of the review – all you have to do is review and edit or confirm the content and post the response. AI technology is also actively a part of the Insights and Benchmarking products within Birdeye. “Birdeye’s advanced insights software, Athena, identifies the sentiment and keywords highlighted in customer feedback and neatly categorizes them based on the priorities of each business. From those insights, companies can take decisive action to improve their service and resolve issues raised by customers. Athena also analyzes your competitors’ customer reviews from hundreds of review sites and social platforms. From that data, you can easily identify and track trending themes and leverage that intel in your campaigns.”


As healthcare providers continue to grapple with a decades-long deluge of administrative tasks, they are in search of a truly effective documentation solution. Medical scribes and virtual transcription services are often used in doctors’ offices for medical documentation. Unfortunately, bringing another person into an exam room can affect patient privacy, and transcription tools often lead to providers spending significant portions of time editing and reviewing notes. With nearly half of all physicians experiencing burnout, and 60% attributing it to administrative tasks such as documentation, these conventional methods appear to fall short. However, the recent surge in artificial intelligence and its crossover into healthcare indicate that providers may not have to worry about documentation any longer.

DeepScribe’s AI-powered medical scribe addresses the shortcomings of traditional medical scribes and dictation tools by using AI and natural language processing to automate documentation. By capturing the natural conversation between a clinician and patient through a smartphone app, DeepScribe automatically filters out small talk, extracts medical information from the visit, and formats it into a comprehensive medical note directly within the DrChrono EHR platform. DeepScribe handles documentation, charting, and even populates suggested diagnostic coding based on the information extracted from the visit.

DeepScribe’s ownership of the largest clinical dataset in healthcare, coupled with a highly efficient quality assurance team, enables the platform to document a wide range of medical conversations with remarkable accuracy. With hundreds of clinicians using the platform, DeepScribe is the world’s most widely adopted AI medical scribe and a proven solution for reducing the medical documentation burden.

Holly by Nimblr

With over 73% of practices reporting staffing as their biggest challenge and the average salary of a medical office assistant being $37,000 a year, automation has emerged as the main solution for operational limitations that tighten a practice’s capacity to cover growing patient demands. Holly by Nimblr is the only front-desk AI assistant that books incoming calls, texts, and web visits while managing scheduling complexity and follow-ups like a human would - but without the added costs. Holly offers services such as:

  • Answering and scheduling incoming calls 24/7 - turning calls into new appointments.
  • Connecting Google Business profiles, websites, social media, and phone to DrChrono.
  • Embedding and customizing DrChrono’s Web Scheduler on a provider’s site - capturing the patients’ demographics, insurance, and payment method directly into a DrChrono account.
  • Allocating openings to boost scheduling capacity close to 100%.
  • Overcoming short-staffed challenges with +80% workload automation.

These features and many others allow providers to drive revenue, save time, and boost their patient journey.


Speech-to-text tools are quickly replacing conventional dictation across various healthcare information systems, including EHR. And the benefits are transformative. Voice recognition technology can eliminate transcription costs and improve efficiency. And when a provider reduces the number of clicks when dealing with an EHR, they also reduce the number of errors.

According to Healthcare IT News, speech recognition software can transcribe encounters three times faster than a human typing into a clinical system. This technology frees up a couple of hours a day for a provider - easing clinician burnout. Additionally, EHR solutions that combine voice recognition technology reduce the need for dictation and transcription services, saving practices between $30,000-$50,000 a year. DrChrono understands the value of advanced speech-to-text tools and partnered with M*Modal for this very reason.

M*Modal provides a HIPAA-compliant speech-to-text tool directly integrated into DrChrono’s iPad EHR application. For mobile clinical documentation, physicians dictate their notes to their iPad, and M*Modal’s technology automatically transforms their voice into text in the digital patient record. These tools allow providers to focus more on patients and less on technology.

Why Best-in-Class Healthcare AI Need Integrated EHR Solutions

Our partners are revolutionary leaders in Healthcare AI. But even the best AI tools and apps on the market cannot transform healthcare if they face integration and usability challenges. One obstacle plaguing developers is that many EHR platforms lack full integration and standardization. Fragmented systems often lead to inconsistent information across multiple sources, making AI integration difficult for developers and providers. Failing to have an EHR with streamlined, integrated solutions not only impacts AI software implementation - but also affects workflows, patient interaction, and a provider’s bottom line.

Therefore, having a fully-integrated EHR for AI-powered software to work out of is essential for driving innovative practice management and patient care. The DrChrono EHR platform offers this solution. Our system allows providers and healthcare organizations to benefit from a broad set of capabilities that work together in a secure and easy-to-use collaboration platform. We offer solutions such as:

  • Enhanced Patient Engagement - Patient interaction in methods they prefer, such as secure HIPAA-compliant text and messaging.
  • Increased Productivity - Providers can simplify electronic medical form management by capturing medical intake forms online and sending texts with links for patients to fill out.
  • Seamless Billing & Payment - Automated patient statements and payment acceptance - simplifying payment workflow

DrChrono not only offers fully integrated EHR solutions, but it also provides free healthcare API and SDK built by developers for developers. This service allows any HTTP client in any programming language to develop a specific app. With the DrChrono platform as a home base, implementing AI-powered technology, like those of our best-in-class partners, will not only be seamless, but this innovation will have the best chance to do what it’s designed to do - revolutionize patient care.

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