Improve Patient Engagement and ​Office Productivity with a Single Unified Communications Platform

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The EverHealth team had the distinct honor of presenting at the Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Chicago. It was an enormous opportunity for us to take the stage and educate the audience on our unified communications platform, Updox!

EHR vendors struggle to keep up with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, leaving less time for innovation in patient and provider communications. Our presentation focused on how integrating with a unified communications platform like Updox and leveraging extensible APIs can enhance your EHR, streamline communication workflows, and improve the patient experience.

Industry Outlook​

The healthcare industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. Patients today are more informed than ever before. And as such, they are increasingly making healthcare decisions like consumers. Rather than passively relying on professionals to make all choices, people research, evaluate options, and then decide on the one they believe suits them best.

Your patient retention depends on your ability to deliver on patient expectations. Patients expect prompt answers to their queries, even outside of appointments. Communication channels such as telemedicine video chat, SMS, and email must be easily accessible.

With providers juggling numerous tasks, chronic stress, staff shortages and burnout are becoming increasingly common issues in the healthcare industry. And with rising inflation and increasing medical costs, healthcare practices are feeling the strain. To remain sustainable, they need to find ways to reduce costs and operate more efficiently.​

How can practices leverage technology to combat these challenges?

Technology is essential for healthcare practices to succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment. A unified communications strategy is one vital tool that practices can use to address these challenges and provide more efficient and effective care.

By unifying their communications systems, practices can enhance collaboration among healthcare professionals, improve patient engagement and satisfaction, streamline workflows, and ultimately achieve better health outcomes for their patients.

Efficient Patient Engagement​ One of the primary benefits of technology in healthcare is efficient patient engagement. With a comprehensive communication platform, healthcare providers can communicate easily with patients through digital channels with workflow tools to help effectively triage and manage those communications. Healthcare practices can reduce missed or delayed appointments using appointment reminders with specific patient instructions or by being able to quickly convert an appointment to a telehealth visit in the event a patient is unable to make it to the office due to unforeseen circumstances.

Moreover, these systems can help healthcare providers with engaging their population around gaps in care measures, medication adherence, patient education, and more. A patient who is actively engaged in their care is much more likely to make better lifestyle decisions and be proactive in engaging with their care team about health concerns or preventative measures.

Efficient Office Workflows​ Healthcare is riddled with complicated processes such as prior authorizations and referrals involving an array of participants, from doctors and nurses, to administrative staff, to insurance carriers, and billing specialists. In many cases staff members are managing these complicated processes via paper or across multiple disparate systems, none of which are integrated while also lacking the workflow tools required to effectively triage and manage the work, creating additional overhead and contributing to administrative burden.

However, a unified platform can centralize all these different communications and processes, helping practices more effectively manage and triage the work, improving inbound and outbound information flows, automating tasks and data handoffs, increasing productivity, and ultimately reducing administrative burden.

Updox All-in-One Platform​

Updox simplifies the business of healthcare, helping practices focus on patients instead of paperwork​. The patient-friendly interface centralizes communications through a single inbox and platform experience.

Updox also allows medical practices to streamline processes, automate manual tasks, and offers bidirectional EMR connectivity, making it easier to access and manage patient records.

With extensible and flexible APIs, seamless integration with other healthcare systems is also possible. Updox is secure, reliable, and 100% cloud-based technology that helps healthcare providers put the focus back where it belongs—patient care.

Updox is just part of the EverHealth family of modern end-to-end solutions for healthcare providers, designed to streamline day-to-day practice operations, improve provider and administrative workflows, and modernize engagement with patients.

With over 72,000 healthcare practices and counting, we’re dedicated to equipping providers with the latest technology and tools they need to enhance patient care.

Curious to see how EverHealth and Updox can take your patient care to the next level? Schedule a demo today!