EverCommerce Completes Acquisition of DrChrono

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EverCommerce Inc. (Nasdaq: EVCM) (“EverCommerce” or the “Company”), a leading service commerce platform, announced today that it completed the acquisition of DrChrono Inc. The acquisition expands EverCommerce health solutions with a mobile-first platform designed for independent practices.

DrChrono joins the EverCommerce suite of integrated SaaS solutions across business management, payment acceptance, marketing technology, and customer engagement to help service-based businesses accelerate growth, streamline operations, and increase retention.

Through an all-in-one, cloud-based practice management, EHR, and billing solution, DrChrono makes healthcare more informed, more interactive, and more personalized. The medical platform serves more than 4,600 independent practices and 13,000 providers across multiple medical specialties.

DrChrono joins EverCommerce’s EverHealth solutions that streamline day-to-day healthcare practice operations, improve provider and administrative workflows, and modernize engagement with patients for more than 72,000 customers. DrChrono’s modern medical platform will serve as a critical centerpoint of EverHealth’s integrated offerings for independent healthcare practices.

In a recent survey conducted by Updox, a patient engagement platform that is also an EverCommerce solution, 51% of consumers revealed that user-friendly technology is important for a good patient experience. Digital communications, medical record access, billing and payment capabilities, and virtual visits were all critical factors of patient engagement outside the practice.

“As the healthcare industry rebounds from the pandemic, there is increased focus on making care accessible and adaptable to maximize patient engagement,” said Matt Feierstein, president, EverCommerce. “DrChrono is a leader in mobile technology for healthcare providers. Patient preference for those convenient options continues to grow, making DrChrono an ideal complement for our EverHealth solutions group.”

“EverCommerce and DrChrono both share a commitment to helping small- and mid-size businesses thrive,” said Daniel Kivatinos, COO and co-founder of DrChrono. “We’re excited to align ourselves with EverCommerce and their suite of healthcare technology solutions to help us to provide additional value for our customers.”

Michael Nusimow, CEO and co-founder of DrChrono, said, “I’m excited for DrChrono to be a new engine for growth inside of EverCommerce.”

About EverCommerce

EverCommerce (Nasdaq: EVCM) is a leading service commerce platform, providing vertically tailored, integrated SaaS solutions that help more than 500,000 global service-based businesses accelerate growth, streamline operations, and increase retention. Its modern digital and mobile applications create predictable, informed, and convenient experiences between customers and their service professionals. Specializing in Home & Field Services, Health Services, and Fitness & Wellness industries, EverCommerce solutions include end-to-end business management software, integrated payment acceptance, marketing technology, and customer engagement applications. Learn more at EverCommerce.com.

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