Integration with IntelliH Brings Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to DrChrono Platform

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It was recently announced that IntelliH’s turn-key remote patient monitoring solutions are now integrated with the DrChrono medical platform. IntelliH’s RPM solutions proactively manage Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), diabetic and post-acute care patients.

The new IntelliH and DrChrono integration includes end-to-end implementation, customization and user-support services for compliant remote care coordination allowing patient data, vitals and reports to be collected and easily tracked in the patient’s electronic medical chart during the care term.

“EHR integration is key to the success of a medical practice’s RPM program. DrChrono’s unmatched ease of use and mobile capabilities allows physicians to be up and running quickly and can offer the highest level of remote care to their patients,” said Anil Joshi, CEO at IntelliH.

“We are thrilled to add IntelliH to the DrChrono Partner Marketplace. With more physicians turning to virtual care and telehealth, RPM tools like IntelliH are proving to be the lifelines to modern healthcare,” said Daniel Kivatinos, Co-founder and COO of DrChrono. “We’ve seen a surge in the industry because of the pandemic for more innovative RPM solutions as it’s becoming an essential tool for healthcare providers and their patients.”

IntelliH, a cloud-based SaaS solution based on a HIPAA compliant architecture, enables secure access for care teams, patients and caregivers. With patient management tools designed to support multiple diseases including diabetes, hypertension, and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), the solution can be tailored for a wide range of conditions, monitoring treatment protocols using relevant wearable and Bluetooth medical devices.

IntelliH provides a web-based risk stratified dashboard for care coordinators. A patient App on iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets) wirelessly collects physiological data from monitoring devices such as Glucometers, Weight Scales, Pulse Oximeters, Blood Pressure Monitors, Thermometers and sends that data to IntelliH on the cloud for analysis.

IntelliH uses data from these noninvasive sensors to help health systems stay ahead of decompensation in their chronic disease patients. Providers using IntellIH experience a ​​30% revenue benefit in addition to improved quality of patient care.

Learn more about the DrChrono and IntelliH integration and offerings here. You can find the original announcement here.