DrChrono Wins 2021 DEVIES Award for Best Innovation in Healthcare

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The DrChrono team is proud to announce that our API has won the 2021 DEVIES Award for best innovation in healthcare. The 2021 DEVIES Awards recognize excellence in developer tools, products & technology, across 20+ categories. With hundreds of nominations received for the 2021 DEVIES Awards, our team was selected as a winner based on a number of factors, including attracting notable attention in the software industry, the high regard of our API platform by developers, and being a technical leader in the healthcare sector.

“Developer tools and solutions are continuing to grow in their importance to the global technology industry. DrChrono is a great example of the new era of products and services allowing developers and engineers to have a greater impact on a company’s bottom line and overall efficiency,” said Geoff Domoracki, CEO of DevNetwork, producer of DeveloperWeek and the 2021 DEVIES Awards.

DrChrono’s open API approach has been lauded as exemplary, particularly in an industry that often faces criticism for a lack of interoperability and slow rate of technology adoption, oftentimes at the expense of providers and patients. Not only allowing, but encouraging, developers to build on top of our EHR platform is a fundamental stepping stone to enhanced medical records access and subsequently better decision-making on the part of both physicians and patients.

With 60+ endpoints and the ability to use any HTTP client in any programming language, our free and open API and SDK allows developers to create applications that leverage the abundance of health data. The developer community has been able to build apps related to medical billing, specialty-specific workflows, reporting & analytics, practice management and much more.

“We are honored to receive a DEVIES Award and want to thank the judging committee for recognizing the DrChrono API. As the needs of patients and doctors across the country evolve, it’s important that the supporting technologies keep pace,” said Daniel Kivatinos, co-founder and COO of DrChrono.

“Our open API provides developers and companies in healthcare the opportunity to do just that. DrChrono processes over 70M+ API calls per month and 455K appointments per week, via our platform with help from developers that have turned to the API to create innovative digital health apps and solutions.”

DrChrono partners such as CoverMyMeds, Health Gorilla, ZocDoc and Holly by Nimblr - among many others- have been able to build cutting edge tools by leveraging the DrChrono API.