DrChrono’s Voice of the Customer Program

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A VoC, or voice of the customer, program is the way in which a company gathers, analyzes and acts on customer feedback to create a customer centric culture. Ideally, this program hones in on customer needs and can help to drive product and service improvements resulting in the best customer experience possible. At DrChrono, we’ve put a VoC program in place to achieve the following:

  • To allow our customers to voice their opinion and provide a direct channel in which you can provide us with constructive feedback
  • To better understand our customers’ pain points and level of effort with support interactions
  • To discover where we are falling short and implement an action plan to improve in those areas

Survey Types

A VoC program consists of various surveys that all serve their own purpose. The three survey types that you might have seen are:

  • CSAT or Customer Satisfaction
  • NPS or Net Promoter Score
  • CES or Customer Effort score

CSAT surveys currently go out after support interactions, after you’ve completed onboarding and if you are an RCM customer. These surveys are in direct response to the interaction/service in question (e.g., you submitted a support ticket for a password reset). You can use these surveys to let us know how we did, what we can improve or what we did well in regard to the specific interaction in question.

NPS surveys go out quarterly and ask the question,”How likely are you to recommend DrChrono to a friend or colleague?” You can rate on a scale of 0-10; 0 being very unlikely, 10 being very likely. Please answer this question honestly, and it’s also imperative that you take the next step and submit your feedback when asked for comment! You can use this opportunity to let us know why you chose your score and what we can improve on.

We haven’t released CES surveys just yet, but when we do they will go out after technical support tickets that are quite in depth and require a lot of back and forth. We’re aware that in these scenarios, there’s quite a bit of customer effort involved. CES surveys will help us identify where most of the effort is occurring on our customer’s end so we can begin to reduce that effort going forward.

Putting it all together

In summary, our VoC program aims to identify areas in which we can improve our overall customer experience and the best way for us to do that is to listen to you, our customer, through the different survey types covered in this article. We rely on your feedback to make informed decisions about bug fixes, new features and UI changes, just to name a few, and that is why it’s important to answer these surveys honestly and in detail.