DrChrono Launches EHR Consultant Network Program

DrChrono Consultant DrChrono, an electronic health record (EHR) platform for medical practices, announced today its new EHR Consultant Network program. This program provides independent consultants a path to certification on the DrChrono EHR platform to assist physicians and medical practices with evaluation, implementation, training, and other important processes in acquiring or managing their EHR solution. The program is free to join and the qualified consultants will be offered complimentary tutorial materials and training on DrChrono EHR platform.

DrChrono Consultant Network Levels of Certification

The new DrChrono Consultant Network program offers various levels of certification to participants including:

– Evaluator Consultants – qualifies the participant to provide their opinion on DrChrono as an EHR for their client. The educational program gives qualified consultants unprecedented access to DrChrono features and online learning tools. This level is built to support consultants with a range of EHR and clinical experience and provide an environment to test out different clinical scenarios.

– Implementation Manager Consultants – this is an additional certification to complete after Evaluator to ensure that the consultants not only understand the product functionality but also provide a great experience for clients. Implementation Manager Consultants are added to DrChrono’s internal list of consultants and they can be assigned as project managers working directly with the DrChrono implementation teams.

– Implementation and Training Onsite Consultant – this additional level of certification allows consultants to not only conduct the implementation/conversion from beginning to end but also provide direct support to DrChrono clients onsite.

–** Affiliate Consultant** – a referral program offering a more in-depth relationship between DrChrono and its strategic partners.

Why It Matters

“Practices are becoming more dependent on outside liaisons and we’re excited to offer this new training program that offers more tools and resources benefitting the client and the IT consultant,” said Daniel Kivatinos, Co-founder and COO of DrChrono. “This new program complements our in-house services and is meant to offer consultants the ability to become certified and leverage their expertise and geographic reach to provide a more personal implementation/support experience for our practices.”

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