April Product Updates: See what’s new in DrChrono

Welcome to our April product updates. We’ve made some enhancements to our Free Draw feature, and wanted to highlight some features that can help speed up charting for providers.

Here’s what’s included in this month’s product update:

  • Enhanced Free Draw – More features and Apple Pencil 2 functionality
  • Exclude Clinical Note – Add templates to the appointment but leave them out of the Complete Note.
  • Copy Previous Note – Added functionality to make transposing quicker and easier

Free Draw Enhancements (iOS Update)


Our Free Draw is a popular tool unique to DrChrono that allows easy image upload and annotation to patient charts. We’ve added some intuitive updates to streamline your experience with the feature.

The first update was adding a toggle feature for drawing and positioning. In the top right you will see the pen icon is now dark by default. When you tap the icon, it will have a clear fill and you will be in position mode, where you can use two fingers to zoom in and reposition the image however you need.

We also made an update that allows you to save a set of pen and color settings to be your default. You can always re-select default settings if you want to change them back.

Our third update is Apple Pencil 2 compatibility. You are able to customize the double tap feature and use it within Free Draw. You can find your Apple Pencil 2 settings in the Settings section of your mobile EHR.

Copy Previous Note – New indicator makes it easier to copy desired notes

Our Copy Previous Note option is not a new feature, but we have made some updates to make the tool more useful for our providers.

Our system creates templates whenever appointments are created for patients. When patients no-show or cancel their appointments, these templates are kept and are left empty. We’ve made an update to our Copy Previous Note option that will indicate for providers when the note is empty to easily identify notes to avoid when using Copy Previous Note.

Clinical Notes Copy Image

We’ve also made an update to the window where you select what sections of a note you’d like to copy. After enabling a setting in your Account Settings, you will be able to see a preview of the note’s section when you hover over the checkbox to copy it.

Exclude Clinical Note

Exclude Clinical Note Image

Exclude Clinical Note is an option that can be enabled for your account, and once enabled you will find in your form builder. When you exclude a note from the Complete Note, you will see in your Template List an E

indicator so you can easily identify notes you have opted to exclude. This option can be useful if you’d like to attach consent forms and other documents to the appointment, but the documents may not be relevant for claim submission.