March Product Updates: See what’s new in DrChrono

Welcome to our March product updates. We have made some updates to our mobile EHR experience that will streamline patient information access.

Here’s what’s included in this month’s product update:

  • Customizable Patient Menu – Only see what you need in your mobile Patient Menu
  • Patient Related Tasks – Gain a better understanding of your patient by seeing what tasks they have
  • DSM5 Codes – For mental health specialists, our DSM5 codes are easy to find while charting
  •   Add, remove, or change positions of menu items in DrChrono EHR for iOS

    We are constantly adding more specialty specific features to our mobile EHR. As we continue to specialize we have also built a feature for our providers that allow them to pick and choose what they see in their patient drop down menu.

    This feature can be useful if there are certain things your practice doesn’t do, such as looking at Growth Charts or sending lab orders. Similarly, if you frequently look at medication history or patient flags, you can move those related menu items higher on the list for easier access.

    To update your Patient Menu, you can find the _Patient Menu Settings_ in your _Account Settings_ on both iPad and iPhone. There you can tap on the red icons and remove them as needed. You will notice the items will be moved to a new section, now with green icons for adding them back. If you would like to reset all of your menu items back and to their original positions, there is a “Restore Defaults” button in the top right of the screen.

    Patient Tasks – See what your patient has done and needs

    Knowing what tasks are assigned to your patient can give you transparency on the patients health and where they stand in certain processes, such as getting lab orders or discussing blood results.

    This update is for iOS, but you will need to enable it in your account settings on the web version of DrChrono. After doing that, you will be able to go to the “Patient Related Tasks” Patient Menu item. This screen will show all tasks, even completed ones, for you to view and address easily.

    DSM5 Codes – Mental health billing codes

    We wanted to highlight a feature that has been useful for our mental health specialty providers. DSM5 codes are a subset of codes that are used to describe mental health specific diagnoses and services. They can be enabled on the backend and they will show up with all of the ICD9 and ICD10 codes in our library. Once enabled, simply search for your codes in any code lookup field in DrChrono and they will be shown as a subset of DSM5 codes.

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