February Product Updates: See what’s new in DrChrono

February is a shorter month but we didn’t fall short on product updates. We’ve got some exciting news about a new partner and other product enhancements that will speed up eRx and billing workflows.

Here’s what’s included in this month’s product update:

  • Improved Benefits Cost Transparency workflows – Explore our new feature RxBenefit Clarity™  by CoverMyMeds
  • Advanced RTE Tools – Real time eligibility can now be done instantly, scheduled to run automatically, and done in batches for multiple services
  • Updated Patient Payments Dashboard – Keep better track of your patient collections and payments
  • Multiple eRx – Order multiple prescriptions within the same screen for the same patient and pharmacy

  • Rx Benefit Clarity – Better Price Transparency with CoverMyMeds


    With our new integration with CoverMyMeds, we hope to continue bringing a more streamlined prescription experience to doctors and patients alike, and reduce prescription barriers that hinder patient care due to prescription costs or unexpected delays.

    CoverMyMeds has enabled DrChrono EHR with their new integration, bringing their RxBenefit Clarity products to our providers to help improve the prescription process for their patients.

    RxBenefit Clarity allows providers to find out during the encounter whether or not a PA is required for the prescription, and they are able to compare updated pricing, with PA costs considered, with the patient, sometimes finding alternative medications that better fit their budget. 

    New Real Time Eligibility (RTE) tools officially released


    Our new RTE tools on both web and iOS will allow providers to do more complex RTE checks easily. We’ve created “Eligibility Profiles,” which allow providers to save and bundle certain service types together for running RTE checks in batches. You are also able to automatically run RTE checks any number of days before a given appointment, if you enable the feature in your account settings. Lastly, our instant checks allow you to check multiple service types quickly during encounters or as the patients come in.

    We’ve also made some updates on the RTE view to show items like copays and deductibles first, followed by the rest of the details in collapsible menus below. In addition, you can view RTE checks you’ve done on patients historically on their patient chart, which can provide insight on what may have changed for their copays or coinsurances.

    Additional resources:

    Batch eligibility
    Configuring Auto Eligibility Checks

    Updated Patient Payments – Improved reporting and transparency

    With our updated patient payments dashboard we give our providers increased transparency and more comprehensive reporting into their patient payments.

    First, if you are using our Square integration, you will now see payments processed through this integration show up directly in the patient payments dashboard as a Square payment type.

    The new patient payments system also allows payment splitting to allow more flexibility and better reporting on patient payments. Payment splitting is essentially breaking out a given payment if you want to assign it to different charges. For example, you are able to take a single payment and split it based on what it should be paying for, such as out of a $100.00 credit card payment made for an appointment, $30.00 is for the copay, $50.00 is for the coinsurance and there was an additional $10.00 charge for some equipment the doctor provided the patient.

    We’ve also improved our auto allocation functionality, allowing you to either auto allocate patient funds or designate specific line items you’d like to allocate the funds towards. This has also been made easier with the payment splitting functionality above, allowing you to parse parts of a payment out and assign those funds to specific line items while keeping certain funds assigned to that appointment, even though it was a single payment. You can adjust your auto allocation rules in your _Account Settings_ under the _Patient Payments_ tab.

    Lastly, you may have noticed that your dashboard will have two views toggled on by default, the “Simple” view and “Condensed” view. Toggling off “Simple” view will allow you to see counterbalances to see more clearly how the money has moved for a given patient, and toggling off “Condensed” view allows you to see a log of every action made on the dashboard.

    Overall we feel that this update will improve reporting for providers and accounting for in-house billing staff. See the additional resources below for FAQs about how other aspects of our billing works, and a step-by-step tutorial on what has changed with our patient payments.

    Patient Payments: Auto Allocation
    Patient Payments 2.0
    Patient Payments: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

    Multiple eRx – Multiple Prescriptions within One Screen

    We have noticed that very often patients are being prescribed multiple orders within a single encounter. To improve the mobile experience for multiple prescription orders, we have a new feature called Multiple eRx on iOS.


    With Multiple eRx your typical workflow will take you to your list of medications you frequently prescribe. You are now able to multiple select these prescriptions and the next screen will allow you to cycle through them and change settings as needed. Multiple prescriptions will only be possible if you are getting them all from the same pharmacy.