New Features: December Product Updates

Thanks for viewing our next monthly product update. As the year comes to a close we wanted to finish it off with a bang! In this product newsletter you’ll find features that will streamline the practice management and clinical sides of your practice for both web and iOS.

Here’s what’s included in this month’s product update:

  • Batch RTE – Real time eligibility can now be done instantly, scheduled to run automatically, and done in batches for multiple services
  • Enhanced Practice Chat – the first of our big series of updates for practice chat, you can now have individual chats with staff and providers in the practice group
  • Appointment filters update – you can now filter by appointment status and billing status separately
  • Hide diagnostic and billing codes – clean up your notes and hide codes from your charts


Enhanced Eligibility tools allow for batch, auto, or instant real time eligibility checks

We’ve updated our RTE tool with some feature upgrades and an updated user interface.

Batch RTE

Providers will now see on the web version of DrChrono an Eligibility Checks tab in the drop down menu. Here you will be able to build what we refer to as “Eligibility profiles.” These profiles work just like our appointment or billing profiles, you can preset what services you would like checked for certain visit types. These services can be checked in batches instead of one at a time, making RTE checks much faster for staff or providers.

You are now also able to schedule these RTE checks to happen automatically and based on criteria you set in terms of how many days before an appointment you’d like them to run. With our latest update you can effectively batch, auto, or instantly run real time eligibility checks on both web or iOS!

In addition, you can also view the history of RTE checks you have run in the past for a given patient, giving you further insight on what may have changed for their co pays or insurances.

This update to our feature will be released in January and we will have additional resources we can update our blog post with.


Direct Practice Chat with Individual Providers and Staff Members

Practice chat

Our HIPAA compliant practice chat makes it easier for providers and staff members to communicate throughout their day. Surely you have run into situations where you need to communicate with someone on the other side of the office. Practice chat is

Our first major update is having the ability to have individual chats between staff and providers. You will be able to see the conversation up to 25 messages and there is also the practice group chat that can be used as a channel.

We have a number of updates we have planned for practice chat to make it a more powerful support for your practice this next coming year, stay tuned for updates on when these features will be released:


Filter by appointment and billing statuses separately

Appt filter

Appointment filters on iOS are actively used to allow providers to get a better view of their appointments. You can use these filters to see appointments by office, doctor, date range and more. We’ve noticed that there are instances where you may want to know the billing status of certain appointments with a specific appointment status. Previously these two fields were together on a single tab and with our latest update we’ve separated them into separate tabs. You are now able to multiple select the appointment status and single select the billing status for improved appointment filtering.


Hide Diagnostic and Billing Codes in your Clinical Note

Some visits require several diagnostic and billing codes, but these may not be pertinent to people who view the clinical note, like for sharing your charts and documentation with your patient. For this reason we’ve given you the ability to hide codes from your clinical note. This feature is released and can be enabled in Account Settings.

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