New MacBook Air, New iPad Pro, and an awesome Apple Pencil: What providers need to know about Apple’s Keynote Today


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Apple had their last event of the year in New York today, at the famed Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn. The overarching theme of the special event this morning was creativity, and empowering Apple users through new and improved devices, as well as more “Today at Apple” sessions in retail stores opening around the world. As expected from the rumors we were able to hear some long-awaited announcements on the next generation MacBook Air, Mac mini, and of course the iPad Pro, with a new and improved Apple Pencil. Read below about what impact these product updates will have on provider experience.


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MacBook Air

Apple jumped right into one of their most celebrated products, the MacBook Air. The laptop is now thinner (15 mm), lighter (2.75 pounds!), and more powerful. Additionally, it comes with an improved user experience, including an upgraded “Force Touch” trackpad, and more durable and responsive keys. As many requested they have implemented a Retina Display and a Touch ID biometric sensor into the keyboard. With all of these product improvements, you still experience all-day quality performance with the same all-day battery life as with previous versions.

With all of these updates, Apple has built a powerful counterpart for your mobile EHR. With the more advanced features of our EHR available via web, you can still experience the mobility you enjoy with your iPad on this new MacBook Air. With improved performance and user experience, you will barely notice a difference switching from device to device, making your workflows even more seamless than before.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is one of the biggest takeaways for providers from today’s special event.


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They were able to keep the same size display as their previous 12.9” iPad Pro but made it with a smaller and more portable form factor. This made the device an almost no bezel edge to edge display, and they removed the home button to complete the all-screen design. Being able to use the same gestures you have come to love on your iPhone on your iPad makes it very natural moving from device to device when needed. Under the hood, Apple announced their A12X Bionic Chip, touting multi-core processing power of up to 90% faster computing than the previous version. This isn’t just powerful for a mobile device, the iPad Pro effectively outperforms a majority of desktop devices currently on the market.

Providers can benefit from these enhancements that provide a more powerful yet mobile device, raising the bar for mobile EHR’s like DrChrono. Features like Multitasking and switching between integrated apps within DrChrono will be incredibly fast and easy for the iPad Pro, and exponentially powerful for your practice.

There’s even more to the iPad Pro update. As you may know, we were the first to bring Face ID to our EHR last November, and now it’s available on the iPad Pro, in both portrait and landscape mode. Soon you will be able to use Face ID to unlock your EHR on your iPad, and your patients will be able to make use Face ID for online payments and added security on their patient portal.

Apple also announced their next generation Apple Pencil as well, a powerful component to iPad Pro’s mobile appeal. The Apple Pencil can now magnetically attach to any side of the iPad Pro so providers can easily take it between rooms. As it’s magnetically attached, it can wirelessly charge, ready to be used as soon as you are ready to chart. The Pencil has new double-tap functionality that can be programmed for several functions to help providers with daily tasks, making mobile charting faster and more intuitive. DrChrono is extremely excited to explore the new possibilities of this new functionality for within DrChrono EHR.

More versatile, more portable, more capable

Today Apple showcased their next generation of products that cater to their most curious professional users. With the new MacBook Air, they’ve made it easier to be mobile without sacrificing functionality. With the latest iPad Pro, Apple has substantially improved capabilities of mobile devices, and it has also now become the better option in terms of power and performance. Combined with their Apple Watch Series 4 release from the previous keynote, they’ve built a powerful suite of devices that embody the mobile digital health experience for providers and patients. For DrChrono, we are ready to dive into these new features and newfound capabilities for our providers to utilize in our EHR.

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