AI-Powered Coding, Charting, and Collections – It’s Finally Here with Diagnoss

DrChrono understands how important revenue cycle management can be for your practice, especially when the majority of your revenue comes from claim submissions. When starting a practice, on top of managing a growing business, providers also inherit the responsibility of ensuring they get paid for their services. This involves mastering the claims process and posting payments to keep finances in check.

The claims process itself is already extensive: you need to match all of your charting with the necessary codes and submit them to clearinghouses, who mediate claims until they are ready for payers. Very often, it can be the case that providers submit a claim and do not get fully reimbursed. To keep up with other financial obligations providers often sell off accrued debts for pennies on the dollar, hurting the practice financially and ultimately curbing resources available for patients.

Upgrading medical billing with AI

This is precisely how Diagnoss founder Abboud Chaballout was inspired to bring the power of AI to the RCM industry for providers. As a serial tech entrepreneur, he previously built a company that helped medical providers monetize medical bills that were unpaid by insurance companies. After purchasing their medical receivables he would improve the coding, refile claims, and go to the insurance companies for settlements.

After doing this for some time, he slowly learned about the RCM industry, and how complicated it can be to get paid for services rendered. There are many revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions out there that provide expert coding services, and with DrChrono’s new partnership with Diagnoss we are hoping to bring that power to the provider, right in their EHR.

Eliminate common issues of manual medical coding

Inherently, the claims process has many points of failure, and rejected claims can delay revenue that you are counting on. With coding powered by AI, you can circumvent many hurdles of the claims process, such as human errors from lack of coding knowledge or double entry. Diagnoss’ AI technology has the power to review billions of coded claims, more claims than any human coder will ever submit in their entire career. This means that Diagnoss is essentially providing the support of an export level coder at a fraction of the cost of any billing team of the same caliber.

Since accurate coding is dependent on proper charting, Diagnoss has a second feature that provides charting feedback within your EHR. The AI engine reads your notes in real time and will provide clinical documentation improvement tips based on what it finds is missing. And to top it off, there will be a visual E&M coding level meter which will let you know what level you’re note is charted at, so that you can get paid what you deserve.

With DrChrono’s integration with Diagnoss, you can have an artificially intelligent coding expert supporting your entire team, including clinicians, medical coders, and outsourced billing vendors. As a result of using Diagnoss you can increase your collections, decrease your legal exposure, reduce the administrative burden on your practice, and streamline the claims process with higher clean claim rates. DrChrono is excited for our partnership with Diagnoss and can’t wait to get providers started.

Get started with Diagnoss

Diagnoss will be having a special introductory offer where they will schedule a consultation with you for a “free audit” of your past coded claims to identify high impact issues to be addressed as soon as you start.

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