Blazing your own trail at DrChrono

What is career development?

Our People Operations team spends a lot of time thinking about Career Development at DrChrono. We get asked quite often, “How can you grow your career at a startup? Isn’t your company only 100 people?” Well, we think career development is much more than just being promoted or trying out a new role.

Career development is about helping employees find their passion. It’s helping them understand their unique strengths, what motivates them to be successful, and how to leverage those strengths and motivations to propel them towards accomplishing their true career aspirations. For DrChrono People Operations it’s more than helping them find their purpose at DrChrono; we strive to help set our team up for all future challenges and opportunities.

Why DrChrono?

Our team at DrChrono is incredibly passionate. We understand that without engaging and challenging our people, we won’t be able to direct that passion towards achieving our company goals. We’ve found that one of the best ways to inspire and ignite the passion amongst our team is to promote and encourage internal career growth.  

Shilpa, DrChrono’s Manager of Account Management, speaks to  the positions she has held at DrChrono. Shilpa has been with DrChrono for 4 years and has had the opportunity to explore a variety of her career interests through her promotions:

I have been in almost every position within sales! I started as a Sales Development Representative when DrChrono was a small team. In less than a year, I moved to a Sales Representative then to an Account Manager. I loved being an Account Manager because it was the perfect blend of sales and customer relations. Now, I currently oversee the Account Management team .”

As DrChrono continues to grow in the healthcare industry, new internal positions are created to support our ever-growing business. Amit, an Engineering Team Lead, talks about transitioning from being solely an Software Engineer to mentoring a small portion of the engineering team:

It was an exciting career transition. When I first transitioned I had more responsibility and expectations. The first few months were stressful but also very thrilling because I was doing something I have never done before. The most challenging part was teaching our new engineers about DrChrono while also learning more about my new role. During my transition, I was supported by my peers especially Vishal, our Product Manager, who helped me to grow into my new role.”

Our tenured team members provide lots of support and mentorship to employees in new roles.  Amit gives you more insight on what it has been like for him to work at DrChrono: “ You will be surrounded by people who want you to grow in your role while having a lot of learning opportunities and expectations put on you. DrChrono creates an environment where you will be driving multiple projects. You will be doing a lot more than what you expect which generates a drive for people to learn a lot. My advice to candidates, always be hungry to learn more.”

We take pride in our employee base and look forward to growing as the years progress. Aaron, a newly promoted RCM Account Manager, speaks upon his fondest memory while at DrChrono, “My fondest memory would have to be the first time that I jumped on a call with a provider on my own. It was empowering being able to work alongside doctors and professionals within the healthcare field.”

How can I join?

If you have a passion for healthcare and the drive to work in a rapidly growing company, then DrChrono is the place to be. For opportunities with DrChrono check out our career page here.

Interested in blazing your own trail with DrChrono? Check out our careers page.


Grace drives culture and employee growth as the People Operations Coordinator at drchrono. Connect with Grace @Linkedin.