New Features: August 2018 Product Updates

At DrChrono we aim to provide frequent updates as we know that provider needs continue to grow as well. This month we have several updates that will undoubtedly improve the provider’s user experience and enhance patient care.

Here’s what is included in this month’s product update:
  • Vital flow sheets – create custom vitals that can used to show historical data for up to 30 appointments
  • Multitasking for iPad – Apple’s multitasking functionality brought to DrChrono EHR
  • Family history on iOS – view familial data in your mobile EHR
  • Address section in appointment detail view – tap the address for directions from Apple Maps
  • Dispute dashboard – for Stripe users, dispute management dashboard with evidence upload tool

  • Vital flow sheets

    We are very excited to release a feature that incorporates historical data into patient charts: Vital flow sheets. This new feature will allow you to create your own custom vitals and track them for several appointments. You are able to change the standard of measurement, column orientation, how many appointments you’d like to see and for however many vitals you’d like to track (up to 30).


    These vitals will work like persistent forms, where they will be viewable on any chart in the sequence and will allow a complete and holistic view on the patient’s treatment. With the ability to create custom vitals, you can truly track anything historically, like ratings from chronic pain assessments, the weight of your newborn, insulin levels in diabetic patients or anything else, over several appointments.

    _*For DrChrono users on Prometheus, Hippocrates, Apollo or Apollo Plus, this feature must be enabled for your account. If you are interested to find out more or would like to enable this feature for your practice, please contact your Account Manager._

    Multitasking for iPad

    Multitasking is a feature that was released for all Apple users who are on iOS 11 or older devices. This month we are announcing DrChrono EHR’s compatibility with this feature.

    There are two ways our app can utilize this feature: Split View and Slide Over. Dragging the app all the way to the right will activate Split View. This will split your iPad screen in half, and let you use any Multitasking compatible apps while having DrChrono EHR open.

    Slide Over is a view that allows you to view the app as if it’s in a window, which is set to hover over anything else you have open. This functionality can actually be used in conjunction with Split View, allowing you to view as many as three apps at once.


    When you are in either mode, you will be able to highlight text values and simply drag and drop them into text fields within your DrChrono EHR, such as appointment detail fields, charting fields, and more. 

    Family History on iOS

    DrChrono has added family history to the iOS platform for both iPad and iPhone devices. By including family history, providers are able to delve deeper into root cause and possibly see trends originating with family members.


    Including family history provides more comprehensive care for patients. In the family history view you are able to add familial data as well as any past medical tests the provider may deem necessary to know at the time of visit.

    Address section in Appointment Detail View

    We have created a way to allow providers a quick glance to identify the address of a patient in the Appointment Detail View. This has become important for a lot of providers who are mobile and would like to quickly see where they need to go next. Simply tapping on the address will push you to Apple maps where the address has been filled in and ready to use.

    For Stripe users: Dispute Dashboard

    For users who use Stripe to facilitate patient payments, a new Dispute Dashboard has been created which will allow them full transparency and management throughout the dispute process.


    When a patient files a dispute, you will see all of these disputes and their statuses on this dashboard. Disputes are tracked live and there is another tab “Evidence Upload Tool” that makes it easy for you to upload any documentation to help your case. When disputes are completed (a verdict is reached) and ends in your favor, the chargeback will be automatically added back to your account balance.

    Here are some additional resources to get better acquainted with the new dispute dashboard and evidence upload tool.

    How to use the Stripe dispute dashboard How to use the Stripe evidence tool Are you ready to take advantage of our new features?

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