New Feature: Hide Form Titles From Clinical Notes

New Update to Enhance Your Clinical Note Accessibility

We’ve noticed that many users have been working with several smaller forms than one complete clinical note. However, you may have noticed the form’s title has been getting in your way. 

With our new update, we’re giving you the option of hiding the form’s name in your clinical note, giving you a seamless note that looks like a single form instead of multiple smaller ones.

You’ll find this new option at the bottom of the form builder under the ‘Options’ menu. We’ve placed it as a setting for each form so that you can choose the exact form titles you’d like to show up or hide in your clinical note. Below is an example of how the new feature will function.

The original look of the clinical note (example form name: “Subjective”):

With the option “Hide Form Name Header” selected:


Article by Christy Ewing, Customer Support Specialist, drchrono.

Christy helps produce content as part of the Customer Success team at drchrono. Christy has been customer facing since 2012. She has a passion for the healthcare industry, and its ever-changing, fast-paced environment.