New Feature: Attach Lab Orders on Clinical Notes

New Updates to Enhance Your EHR Experience

drchrono has added the capability to include labs within a clinical note. If a provider adds a lab order through the plan section or patient demographics, the lab order will now populate. Instead of having to manage your lab orders and clinical notes separately, you can have them both in one place. Learn how to order from a patient chart or from a clinical note editor below. 

Ordering from a patient chart:

You’ll see an “Appointment” field which allows you to select the correct appointment associated with the lab order:

Ordering directly from the clinical note editor:

When you order a lab from the “Plan” section, the software will automatically associate the order with the clinical note you’re working on.  Please ensure the “Include in Note” switch is turned on, and click into the “Labs” tab as seen here :

Quest & LabCorp will look like this:

If there is an unlocked note in the system and a lab order was submitted for that appointment/note, it will show on the note.

If there is a locked note in the system and a lab order was submitted for that appointment, it will not show on the note until it’s unlocked/re-rendered.

Since Health Gorilla has its own ordering interface, we, unfortunately, can’t support clinical note association with Health Gorilla labs.

This feature is only on our web interface but it will soon be appearing on our iOS platform.

Article by Dane Rasmuson, Support Ops Program Manager, drchrono.

Dane helps produce product content as part of the Customer Success team at drchrono. Dane has been working in the healthcare field since 2012, including various patient facing roles within healthcare clinics.  He has a passion for the healthcare industry, and its ever-changing, fast-paced environment.