2018 MIPS Changes

In 2018 we are seeing the next phase of MIPS as its first reporting period comes to a close. There are more than a handful of changes happening but here are some quick points you should pay attention to:

  • Performance Threshold Increased to 15 Points – In 2018 you will need 15 points or more to avoid the negative adjustment in 2020. To avoid any penalties, be sure to maximize your ACI and Quality reporting.
  • Cost Category Is Now 10% – this segment did not have any weight in 2017 but now it is 10% of your overall MIPS score. To earn points in this category, report on Medicare spending per beneficiary (MSPB).
  • Virtual Groups and Bonus Points – Independent practices can now build virtual groups and report collectively to help with MIPS participation. In addition, if your practice has fewer than 15 EC’s, you can automatically earn 5 bonus points (this also applies to VGs).
  • Exempt Volume Threshold Increased – even more providers will be exempt from MIPS as Part B minimum threshold increases from ≤$30,000 to ≤$90,000, and from ≤100 to ≤200 for Part B beneficiaries.
  • eRx and HIE exclusions – Providers who prescribe or transfer fewer than 100 can be exempt from these measures and still earn your base score.

  • In a recent article written by Physicians Practice, author David Raths discusses MIPS and attestation preparation with Abha Bhatta.

    The billing manager at Dr. Ashim Arora’s pulmonology practice where she has been using drchrono EHR since 2013. She talks with David about how seamless the MU to ACI transition has been for her and her staff:

    The move from MU to ACI has not been a huge deal for us … When we saw MIPS coming, we decided to join an accountable care organization to be part of a bigger entity,” she says. “They are submitting the improvement activities and quality information on our behalf, and we are submitting the ACI information ourselves.” Bhatta’s practice is using the 2014-certified version EHR from drchrono, which includes a MIPS scorecard she says lets them proactively see progress on quality metrics to ensure success.

    Check out what other doctors have had to say about their experience with MIPS and how their EHRs have played a role here.

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