2018: The Year Of Machine Learning And AI In Healthcare

Machine learning and AI has been a driving force for technological advancement in almost every sector, and this year we will be seeing big waves being made in the healthcare industry.

In our article with Health IT Outcomes, COO and Co-Founder Daniel Kivatinos does a deep dive on how these two technologies will be extremely useful at every point of the healthcare experience for patients: at home, in the waiting room, during the encounter, and even after for billing and follow up. In its current state, most patients go through general well checks to diagnose sometimes complicated issues, and go from specialty doctor to specialty doctor hoping to remedy the issue. It has been a longwinded process that is further bogged down by an up and coming healthcare industry that is still in the midst of going paperless.

In a nutshell machine learning and AI is a great way for the healthcare industry to reduce costs, let doctors optimize their practice without much additional resources, and ultimately improve patients’ journey to a healthy life.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

I like to think about AI as a copilot, helping assist patients and doctors along the patient care journey with the provider and patient in the driver seat. Also as computing power is advancing combined with specific bleeding edge chip design, optimized algorithms, and mountains of data available in the cloud, there truly is a new momentum within deep learning and healthcare.

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