New Feature: Appointment Status Dashboard

Monitoring Patients Visit Times

Coming soon to the drchrono EHR is the Appointment Status Dashboard, a new way to break down a patient’s visit by time in an appointment status. With the Appointment Status Dashboard, you’ll be able to find out which patients are arrived, checked in, confirmed, in session and  complete with just a glance. You’ll also easily be able to see exactly how long each patient has been waiting and how long current appointments are going on for. Not only that, this feature supports any custom appointment statuses you’d like to create, giving you a fully customizable start-to-finish patient tracking experience.

Monitoring statuses is easy — go to your custom appointment statuses page (Account > Custom Fields > Appointment Statuses). Here, check any statuses you’d like to monitor and they’ll be displayed in the Appointment Status Dashboard when you open it. Here, you can also add and customize more appointment statuses.


Once you’ve finished configuring which statuses you’d like to measure, begin monitoring statuses by opening up the Appointment Status Dashboard by going to Schedule > Appointment Status Dashboard in your navigation bar.

The Appointment Status Dashboard is in beta right now and can be enabled by contacting your account manager if you’d like early access.

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