October Conference Recap: MGMA17 and Urgent Care Fall Conference

Having our newly formed enterprise team and our executive team from drchrono at the show, we had a full roster to engage and capture customer interests and gain high level insight from physicians of all practices about continuing to innovate healthcare and further improve our platform to cater to even more customers.







Day 1 started great with a series of keynote speakers, from the inspirational session with Viola Davis to having a stellar performance from Zdogg MD and even a session discussing the millennial future and how that will affect healthcare’s workforce in the near future. Our booth was packed with excited physicians with questions!


What was unique about this show was that many people actually had not heard of us before, and gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. After they heard about our top notch security, stable platform, and actually checked out our demo on an iPad, they became very excited and intrigued to find out more. Many of the practice managers we saw were in the occupational therapy field, arguably one of the faster growing specialties currently, and it was awesome for us to be able to help them understand how drchrono could revolutionize their practice by being extremely cost effective and easy for any specialty to use and adopt.


Our cocktail event had an excellent turnout this year at MGMA, and we had Timothy Davis return to provide more insight on his amazing experience with drchrono as an Orthopedic Pain Specialist, and how we are such a unique opportunity for ASCs like himself to be utilized for their EHR needs. We were also excited to have Danielle from our recent parter Apple give a great speech about drchrono’s future with Apple and the healthcare industry. Thanks for everyone who stopped by our booth and attended our event, we’ll be back for 2018!

We finished off October with a fantastic time at the UCAOA conference this year. The Disneyland Hotel kept the drchrono team in a festive mood as we began the conference bright and early!





Attending Urgent Care Fall Conference was great for two big reasons: one being our recent product launch drchrono UrgentCare, which has specific functionalities to help propel practices in the urgent care space, as well as keeping a secure footing in one of the fastest growing sub-specialties in the United States today.

With drchrono’s help in recent years the Urgent Care space has succeeded in reducing wait times and creating more efficient and cost effective practice management workflows. At the show we saw firsthand how companies are continuing to innovate Urgent Care.

We had an amazing conversation with Carina Burns from Louisville, who is trying to flip the script on what we think telemedicine is capable of. She helped us understand how urban care can have as much use for telemedicine, if not more, than rural care, saying that driving 20 miles in rural areas could take just as long as traveling 2 miles in an urban one.

We also got to meet some great people over at RapidRad, a huge practice support providing teleradiology services to clinics that do not have radiologists onsite, allowing even more flexibility for those who are looking to start their own Urgent Care practices, as well as to patients on finding convenient clinics that can meet their Urgent Care needs.


After the show we held an event with familiar faces from those who stopped by the booth. We discussed our newest product launch, drchrono UrgentCare and how physicians of UC can really benefit from using drchrono, a change that can save both time and money. Anaheim was great to us, and we hope to see you all at our future upcoming events!

Check out our drchrono UrgentCare product launch here!

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