New Feature: MACRA & MIPS dashboard comes to your EHR

Keeping on top of your MIPS score

We’re excited to announce that a new tool is coming to your EHR — the MACRA/MIPS dashboard! This dashboard joins forces with our Clinical Quality Measures dashboard to allow practices to quickly check on how you’re doing on MIPS reporting. For those unfamiliar with MIPS, it’s the primary payment track of the MACRA’s Quality Payment Program (QPP). With this new dashboard, you’ll see a complete breakdown of your MIPS score, respective of this year’s three scoring categories:

  • Quality (60% of score): includes PQRS measures
  • Advancing Care Information (25% of score): includes Meaningful Use measures
  • Improvement Activities (15% of score): a new category


Included with each category are breakdowns of what you need to do to increase your score. Here’s each section in greater detail:


Each measure calculates your score based on CMS’s decile-based scoring system. We provide you with the percentages you need to get the next score level. To find out what criteria you’d need to meet for each measure, use our Clinical Quality Measures dashboard.

Advancing Care Information

This section is a high-level overview of which ACI measures you’re doing well in and how much each measure contributes to your score. For measures that are outside drchrono, we provide you with the ability to indicate that you’ve met the requirements. We can’t know if you’ve actually met these requirements but we help you calculate how that measure contributes to your score.


Improvement Activities

Improvement activities aren’t measured by EHR technology so just like some ACI measures, we give you the option to indicate that you’ve met the requirements and we’ll calculate your score for you.


The MACRA/MIPS dashboard is coming soon but is currently still in beta. However, we’re happy to give any user early access if so desired. If you’d like to get early access, reach out to your account manager and we’ll add the dashboard to your account.

Interested in trying out drchrono? Contact our sales team for a free demo at (844) 569-8628 or email

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