New Feature: Auto logout for patient check-in kiosk mode

Check-in kiosk gets a built in timeout feature

This Thursday the drchrono check-in application is getting a key new feature — a timeout triggered logout feature for Kiosk Mode. For those of you who don’t know, the Check-In App’s Kiosk Mode allows an iPad to be mounted in your lobby or given to your patients allowing them to check in and fill out forms on their own. In this newest update, after Kiosk Mode detects nine minutes of inactivity, a prompt will appear on the screen that warns a patient that their check-in session will end. If the patient then doesn’t dismiss the message after one minute, their check-in session will end and the check-in app will return to the main check-in screen.

The auto logout feature will be available this Thursday, September 21st on version 2.4.2 of the Patient Check-In App. The Patient Check-In App is free for all drchrono users and is a great supplement of the drchrono EHR. To get this newest feature, update or download your Patient Check-In App at our iTunes download page found here.

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