New Feature: Multiple signatures and timestamps come to iPad EHR

Upgrades to Signatures on the iPad EHR

With version 10.0.63 of the drchrono iPad EHR, the ability to add signatures has been updated with two new major changes:

  • Multiple signatures can be added in all signature areas of the drchrono mobile EHR.
  • Timestamps are now included with each signature, including both date and time.



Getting Started

To begin using these new additions, access any one of the many areas in drchrono that contain the signature feature. This includes the following areas of the drchrono mobile EHR:

  • Signing clinical note template sections during a visit
  • Signing prescriptions for printing
  • Signing faxes, inbound and outbound
  • Signatures while copying documents to your patient’s chart from the message center

Pages with the signature feature will have the following signature icon:

Tap on this icon to reveal signature options. To add signatures, select your saved default signature or tap on ‘Other Signatures’. In the ‘Other Signatures’ page, you’ll be able to select between Provider, Patient, or Witness signature. Selecting ‘Provider’ or ‘Patient’ automatically fills the name field with the logged in provider name or with the active patient’s name if applicable. Draw in the signature, then hit ‘Save’. You’ll be able to drag and resize the signature as you see fit, then add more signatures by repeating this process.


This feature is available now for all users in version 10.0.63 of the drchrono EHR/EMR mobile application. To download or update your mobile app, visit our iTunes page here.

Interested in trying out drchrono? Contact our sales team for a free demo at (844) 569-8628 or email

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