Mobile EHR Update: Version 10.0.68, new features and improvements

What’s New

We’re excited to announce that this morning we released version 10.0.68 of our EHR/EMR mobile app. With this release, a few key frequently requested features have been added to both our iPad and iPhone EHR apps. Of the changes, the two standout changes include:

  1. The ability to import documents from other iOS apps (such as Photos and Mail) into the drchrono EHR
  2. Selecting supervising provider directly while scheduling or during a visit
  3. Medical Speech-To-Text improvements

Copy photos and documents from other apps

To improve our synergy with the iOS platform, we’ve integrated the drchrono EHR/EMR application with iOS’s native document sharing system. Now, each time you see the ‘Share’ icon    tap on it to see a ‘Copy to drchrono EHR’ option. Tap on this to add the document to a patient’s chart. You can share documents like clinical pictures and PDF resources from other locations on your device easily into drchrono.

After you tap on the ‘Copy to drchrono EHR’ button, the drchrono EHR/EMR app will open, giving the option to select a patient, include labels, and add a signature to the new document.

This feature is available as soon as you download version 10.0.68 of our app but in order to enable the ‘Copy to drchrono EHR’ option to show up in the sharing page, you’ll need to first tap on the ‘…’ icon, then flip on the switch next to ‘Copy to drchrono EHR’.

Select a supervising provider while scheduling or during a visit

To better track provider supervision, we’ve now added the option to select a supervising provider on both the appointment scheduler and on a visit’s appointment details page. To select a supervising provider, tap on the ‘Supervising Provider’ selection option and choose from the list of providers in your practice that are eligible to serve as a supervisor. This feature has been widely requested by multi-provider practices, and will allow for improved communication.

Medical Speech-to-Text Update

With collaboration with M*Modal, we’ve updated our speech-to-text integration. With this update, you’ll see improved processing times and better accuracy with speech-to-text. As usual to use speech-to-text, tap the microphone icon on the keyboard or any note field while charting.

All these changes are available today, Thursday, July 27th in the drchrono EHR/EMR mobile application. To access these features, download our update on our iTunes store page, found here. These features are available on all drchrono accounts with the exception of speech-to-text. Speech-to-text is available on all Hippocrates, Apollo, and Apollo Plus plans.

Interested in trying out drchrono or interested in upgrading your account? Contact our sales team for a free demo at (844) 569-8628 or email

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  <em>Article by <a href="">Thomas Your</a>, Retention Specialist, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">drchrono</a></em><br /> Thomas helps produce product content as part of the Customer Success team at drchrono. Thomas has been working in healthcare and technology since 2011 with a focus on digital health and medical devices. Thomas holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, minoring in Computer Engineering and Business Administration & Management.