Tip of the Day: Creative Solutions with DrChrono EHR

The drchrono platform is known for its bevy of features and tailored optimization with most medical specialties, but perhaps the greatest facet of the system is its endless potential for creative workplace solutions. Here are tips for making the most out of our drchrono EHR suite.

Need to queue up all of the completed prescriptions for each patient from the day for the doctor to sign and send? Enter the prescription information into the patients’ medication lists so the doctor can view all of the patients who have new medications (with the date and time they were entered) and send selected medications directly from the list.

Want a quick and easy way of generating pre-operative price quotes? Create a template and print the section out the hand to the patients to confirm and sign. Likely more than any other tool, templates are the richest source of customization and functionality.

A practice needs new patients to sign release forms prior to the initial visit, but each requires multiple signatures? We can either upload these to our system as mandatory consent forms or create a template with free draw fields, upload each form, and have the patient use an iPad in the office to simply draw their signatures as needed.

Another client charges a set fee for consultation visits prior to operations, but can’t find an appropriate billing code? Create a custom code with a default price, save it to a billing profile, then attach that billing profile to an appointment profile. When scheduling the consultation, just choose the patient and appointment profile. Once you see everything auto-populate, feel free to make any changes or hit save. Three clicks is all it takes.

Want to create lengthy, detailed, formatted clinical notes with minimal time and effort? Either create template switches that load heaps of customized text onto the note or create macro buttons that not only populate as much text as needed, but retain the ability to edit the text.

Some of these ideas were developed to cater to specific physicians and practice workflows while others were thought of while writing this article. It goes without saying that the system continues to show tremendous potential. And like the medical field, once a solution is found for one doctor, it helps us collectively help everyone better operate their practices and care for their patients.

drchrono provides a powerful foundation for hospitals and clinical practices with a multitude of versatile tools that not only work together seamlessly but are constantly being developed. This is the first in a series that delves into creative solutions but only scratches the surface of what this system can accomplish.

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  <em>Article by Shashank Gupta, Retention Specialist, <a href="https://www.drchrono.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">drchrono</a></em><br /> Shashank produces content as part of the Customer Success team at drchrono. Shashank has been actively involved in patient care and healthcare administration in the medical field since 2011. Shashank holds a B.S. in Human Biology from UC San Diego, an M.S. in Global Medicine from USC, and is pursuing an M.D. from Loyola Stritch Medical School.