The newest from Apple WWDC 2017 pt. 2

To read about 3/6 of the newest Apple WWDC updates, click here.

No. 4, 5,6 newest updates from Apple WWDC 2017

  1. iOS 11: There are so many new updates to iOS 11, the OS that iPhone uses. Basically every application on the iPhone has gotten pretty great updates, and the iPhone has a ton of new capabilities. I’m just going to touch on a few that really stood out:

iMessage is getting a redesigned app drawer that makes it easier to use apps and stickers with a beta Translation feature for English to Chinese, French, German and more. In iOS 11, Siri is gaining a new voice with deep learning. An Apple Pay person to person payments is coming.

Control Center is now a single page. For photos, we can go into edit mode and capture just the frame we want and make it into a key photo. The iPhone will now have a seamless loop and other artistic features like adding long exposure to pictures. Apple maps, carplay, do not disturb, all have updates as well.

The App Store has gotten a lot of upgrades, and Monument Valley 2 is available today! The App Store now has stories about developers, how-to guides, and themed cards such as App of the Day, Game of the Day, and The Daily List.

A new AR feature was announced as well. With the new ARkit, the iPhone is capable of Augmented Reality.

  1. iPad – The all new iPad Pro has a 10.5 inch screen with slimmer left and right bezels, just under 1 pound. With a full-size onscreen keyboard and a new full-size smart keyboard, it has true tone display, ultra-low reflectivity, HDR video, and a upgrade to 120Hz.

Files on iPad is a new feature that allows you to have all your files in one place. It looks a lot like the Finder on the Mac. iPad also supports printing with markup with a new Create PDF option, and notes also has a new built-in document scanner that can correct perspective and contrast. It is used with Apple Pencil.

  1. Home Music & Apple HomePod – The new Apple HomePod works with an array of 6 microphones in the middle. If you say “hey Siri,” it can stream music among a whole lot of other things. You can ask your HomePod answers to questions that you’d ask Siri, or you can even have HomePod adjust things in your house. I’ve posted some images on examples on what you could ask HomePod below. It’ll start shipping this December and run for $349.