Step outside the box: e-prescribing controlled substances

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E-prescribing Controlled Substances with drchrono

In 2010 when the DEA revised its regulations to give providers the alternative of transmitting Schedule II-V prescriptions electronically, The US Drug Enforcement gave its official approval of e-prescribing controlled substances (EPCS). This certainly has revolutionized the workflow of many practitioners and pharmacies.

What are the key benefits of EPCS via drchrono EHR/EMR?

Patient safety

Having EPCS in drchrono will enable alerts to guard against drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions, inappropriate dosing, duplicate treatments. It will reduce common human errors that can take place during paper-prescribing such as illegible handwriting, misinterpreted abbreviations and undistinguishable dosages.

Workflow efficiency

By Using EPCS practitioners are able to eliminate the need to handwrite prescriptions. They can simply use it for ordering legend drugs and also reduce the number of call-backs from pharmacies.


EPCS provides pharmacies the reassurance that prescriptions sent to them are exactly what the practitioner ordered and have not been altered. Through using the EPCS feature in drchrono, electronic prescriptions are delivered directly to the pharmacy. This way, the physicians number is not shown to the patients or other parties.

Cost savings for patients

In drchrono, providers can view in real time how much a patient’s insurance will cover for a particular medication. Of course, this will depend on the patient’s insurance plan. Lower cost alternatives can be shown, as well as patients co-payment for a given pharmacy.

Patient satisfaction

Real Time Eligibility combined with transparent medication pricing models, allows practitioners to select the most effective and therapeutically suitable medications for their patients. Patients can collect their medications from the most convenient pharmacy with compliance checks already in place. This streamlines the experience for both the patients and the providers.


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