Enhancement: Improvements to onpatient Payment Reporting

New Layout, New Functionality

As of this week, the onpatient Payments feature has been completely reworked with a brand new design. Our previous onpatient Payments page had limited functionality and showed only the most recent ten payments (click here to see the old version). With this update, two tabs are available: ‘Payments’ and ‘Deposits’. While a payment describes how much money has been paid to your Stripe account, a deposit will describe how payments are batched into a periodic deposit to your bank account.

The Payments Tab

The payments tab is designed to help you can understand the lifecycle and breakdown of a payment. The payment tab breaks down each charge by Stripe processing fees, collections, payment date, and payout (deposit) date. With filters included in the payments tab, you can sort by:

  • Date Range
  • Payment/Deposit size
  • Patient Name
  • Status: Paid, Pending, Refunded, Disputed, Cancelled


The Deposits Tab

As payments are collected from patients, the money collected is stored in your Stripe account and cashed out to your bank account on a periodic basis. The deposits tab helps you understand how the amount of money that is transferred to your bank account relates to payments helps you track the accounts your collections are deposited to. The deposits tab has the following features:

  • Filter by date and size of deposit
  • Tracker for available funds in your Stripe account
  • Tracker for pending deposits to your bank accounts
  • Notification for the date of the next scheduled deposit (not pictured)

Additionally, after selecting any deposit, you’ll be brought to the details page.

The details page allows you to see the full breakdown of the deposit, helping you understand what payments the deposit is composed of, including both debited (+) and refunded (-) quantities.


This feature is available now in the web version of the drchrono EHR. With this update, we hope that you’ll use this feature to gain greater insights to how your practice collects payments from patients. To use this feature, you must have Stripe enabled in your account. Stripe is a service that allows you to receive payments electronically and may be activated in the ‘Services’ tab of your account settings. If you have Stripe already enabled, you’ll be able to access this feature by selecting ‘onpatient Payments’ in your billing menu.

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