What is Teledermatology?

With the aging and more demanding population, healthcare provision is bound to undergo drastic changes. Policy makers, insurance companies and health professionals on a national and international scale, address issues on how to keep healthcare accessible for a growing population despite the changes.

Telemedicine is a gamechanger for many health professionals, as an emerging field of medicine. It is perceived as an excellent tool to achieve efficiency increase in all levels of healthcare hierarchy. It provides access to medical knowledge that would otherwise not be available at a location. It is also defined as the use of mobile collaborative technologies for the exchange of medical information over a distance for patient management.

Teledermatology recently has become an attractive topic to dermatology providers who are providing specialist service to another health professional or to a patient with a skin disorder. It also enables dermatologists to influence their waiting lists.

It is a great tool to deliver dermatologic care and It consists of the entire field of dermatology ranging from initial diagnosis and treatment management, homecare, specialist consultations, and research.

Today, the most common application of teledermatology is that it involves telecommunication between a medical provider and a remote specialist to get a second opinion on diagnosis or treatment to avoid moving the patient to another location

Teledermatology also allows providers from all over the world to exchange their expert opinions. Online platforms for tele consultations provides formation of interesting cases.   the enormous exchange of medical knowledge has a valuable educational benefit for all the health care professionals and increases the quality in dermatology.

By providing knowledge based communication between all health professionals, tele dermatology strengthens the health chain and the contacts between general practitioners and dermatologists.

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