How can DrChrono EMR and EHR help Teledermatology?

As stated in my previous article, teledermatology and telemedicine is an emerging field with a lot of potential. But how can teledermatology work with drchrono EHR?

There is no doubt that iPads are already very popular with physicians, who use them for a number of reasons ranging from viewing medical images to entering notes in an electronic patient record (EHR).

Today, drchrono EHR/EMR application (iCloud solution) allows providers to take clinical pictures. Appointments can be made quickly and while charting clinical pictures can be taken and saved into the clinical note with the tip of a finger on the iPad. For instance, when a referral is sent by a fellow physician they can include a photo of the affected area.

drchrono EHR/EMR is a very powerful teledermatology tool that can be used by dermatologists. With its superior imagery features, physicians can take HIPAA compliant pictures of affected areas such as skin lesions, infections, open wounds etc. on iPhone or iPad. These pictures can be saved and edited with free draw to annotate directly. Targeted areas can be highlighted in the pictures for quicker references in the future.

Dermatologists can chart in seconds with the medical speech to text feature and medical forms built for specific conditions such as skin cancer, eczema, nail infections, acne, and more. Following charting they can e-prescribe medications including controlled substances using EPCS on iPad, iPhone or computer at any time and any location.

It is also beneficial to patients in isolated communities and remote regions. They can receive medical care from general practitioners or specialists without having to travel to visit them. With the practice of drchrono EHR/EMR, providers can exchange messages with patients through a secure, HIPAA compliant patient portal.


Recent developments in drchrono allow healthcare professionals in multiple locations to share information and discuss issues about a patient via Direct Messaging.

Most importantly, physicians can get paid more and faster using Revenue Cycle Management services provided by drchrono team. drchrono RCM will verify the insurance and procedure eligibility in real time and provide physicians denial claims addressed within 24 hours and, catalyze the payment process.

Providers can communicate directly with RCM experts and a medical billing team with experience.

In brief, teledermatology with the application of drchrono EHR/EMR will help a lot of health professionals achieve efficiency and quality in charting, practice management, patient care and sharing medical opinions with clinical images with no geographical limitations in all levels of hierarchy in medicine.

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  <em>Article by <a href="">Charla Tekin</a>, Implementation Specialist, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">drchrono</a></em><br /> Charla produces product content as part of the Customer Success team at drchrono. She has been working in healthcare and technology since 2006 with a focus on medical sciences and healthcare management. Charla holds a B.S. in Medical Sciences and Masters in Science Management from University of Technology Sydney (UTS).<br /> &nbsp;