Customize The Workflow of Your drchrono Check-In Templates!

After numerous requests, we have finally made templates customizable on our drchrono Check-In App. You can now reorder the sections your patients fill out while onboarding them with our Check-In App, as well as remove any sections you do not want visible to your patients.

To customize the workflow of your templates, simply log into your drchrono Check-In App.


Select the three bar icon located in the upper right hand corner of your app.

Select “Customize Work-Flow.”

You can move sections around so they either appear at the top or the bottom of the list and then appear either as the first or last page that your patient fills out during check-in.

You can “hide” sections that are unnecessary for patients to fill out during check-in. You can then go back and “show” the sections if you decide that you do want your patients to fill out these sections upon check-in.

Once you click “Save,” your new workflow will be saved and you can start checking-in your patients right away. You will now see that the initial information page only includes the sections you have allowed.

The patient now only fills out 5 pages, as opposed to the previous 15 pages that originally existed as part of the workflow.

The drchrono website also allows you to customize the workflow for your Check-In App.  You can change the workflow by going to: Clinical> OnPatient Templates.  You can check off the templates you do not want the patient to fill out and then slide the templates from left to right to adjust the order.  All changes will sync in real-time.

If you have any questions, or need additional training for our newest feature, please contact our support team at: