Was my information affected by the Cloudflare vulnerability? (a.k.a “Cloudbleed”)

Late last week, Cloudflare, a service that makes up part of drchrono’s client facing infrastructure, disclosed that a now resolved security vulnerability had been discovered in their system which affected a small subset of companies which use their services.  Cloudflare has completed an extensive internal review and has concluded that drchrono and its domains were not one of the companies impacted by the security breach.

In an independent investigation, the drchrono security team verified Cloudflare’s assessment and is confident that customer information has remained secure.

Security is a top priority for the drchrono team.  We take a variety of measures to protect our customers and services, including state of the art encryption to protect information and performing regular security reviews of our system infrastructure.  We are continually evolving our security practices, taking advantage of the best technologies and strategies to ensure secure service for our customers.

While your information was not impacted by this vulnerability, this serves as a good time to remind our customers to exercise good security practices to help protect their accounts. These include: