New Feature: Auto Copy CPT Codes

Automatically Carry Over Your CPT Codes

For practices that have appointments with frequent repeats of a certain type of appointment, with the new ‘Auto Copy CPT’ setting, drchrono now gives you the option to have your CPT codes automatically carry over from appointment to appointment. With this new setting, each time a new appointment is scheduled in drchrono, CPT codes from your patient’s last appointment will automatically be copied to the new appointment’s billing codes. When this feature is used in tandem with the ICD-10 (Dx) copying features in drchrono, you will be able to save significant time scheduling repeat appointments.

Auto Copy CPT can be enabled from your account settings in the ‘Billing’ tab by checking the ‘Copy Proc from Pt’s Last Appt’ setting. Once you enable this setting, your CPT codes will carry over from appointment to appointment.

Additional Settings that Complement Auto Copy CPT

Several settings exist in drchrono that work very well with the Auto Copy CPT setting. These settings refine how ‘Auto Copy CPT’ works and support it by copying ICD-10 codes. All of these settings are found in Account Settings > Billing > Miscellaneous, where ‘Auto Copy CPT’ is found.

  • Copying Billing Respects Provider: Auto Copy CPT only copies from appointments that you scheduled. Also works with the ‘Copy Last Billing’ feature in the billing profiles dropdown selection menu.
  • Copy Diagnoses From Patient Last Appointment: Works similarly to Auto Copy CPT except copies ICD-10 codes instead.
  • Copy Diagnoses From Patient Problem List: Automatically copies all diagnoses in the Patient Problem List (patient chart) to the appointment.

Auto Copy CPT is available now on the drchrono Web EHR. To access Auto Copy CPT, enable the ‘Copy Proc from PT’s Last Appt’ setting found in Account Settings > Billing > Miscellaneous.

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