New Feature: Onset Date Entry on the EHR/EMR App

EHR/EMR App: Adding Onset Date in Appointment Details

With this newest release, the drchrono EHR/EMR mobile application gains the ability to enter onset date. If you rely on your mobile device to conduct your appointments, you may enter in the onset date at the same time the condition is diagnosed, treated, or evaluated during the appointment. With this addition, you’ll experience a faster workflow and fewer forgotten entries of onset date — getting you paid faster and more reliably.

The Billing Onset Date feature allows you to enter the same fields you may enter in your desktop EHR.

Onset Date Type:

  • Onset of Current Symptoms or Illness
  • Date of Accident
  • Last Menstrual Period

Other Date Type:

  • Initial Visit Date
  • Initial Treatment Date
  • Last Related Visit

The onset date feature is located in your EHR/EMR App’s ‘Appointment Detail View’ pane. As with all other elements in this pane, you may reorder, disable, and enable sections to suit your needs. By default, the feature is turned off. To add this feature to your Appointment Detail View, enable the feature by visiting your EHR/EMR App’s account settings and turning on ‘Billing Onset Date’ in your Appointment Detail View settings page.


This feature is live as of today in version 10.0.53 of the EHR/EMR mobile application. To view our guide on this feature, feel free to browse through this guide found in the Help Center.


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