New Feature: Fax Image Enhancement for Outbound Faxes

Enhancing Image Quality of Outbound Faxes

Fax is an old technology that delivers images through the transmission of audio tones through telecommunication lines. Due to technical nature of faxes, the quality of service can be inconsistent. Sometimes, when faxes are sent, image quality is poor and hard to read. As a result, the drchrono EHR now helps you improve your outbound fax legibility. Our new Fax Image Enhancement feature allows you to boost the contrast and brightness of a fax to save and accentuate finer details that would otherwise be lost in a transmission. Note that though this feature does not guarantee a high fidelity image and is designed to provide you flexibility with documents that are known to frequently appear illegible.

The image enhancement feature is available whenever you use the drchrono EHR to send a fax, regardless if the fax is a referral, patient document, or another file. Simply check the ‘Enhance Image’ checkbox and your fax will be sent with a higher contrast and brightness.

Common cases of illegible or blurry faxes that the fax image enhancement tool can help with are:

  • Small text or small images
  • Grey text on a grey background
  • Fine lines or fine details
  • Documents rich in color
  • Faxes of document scans,  scans of scans, or faded documents.

Use Case Example: A faxed spreadsheet has fine lines that disappear when faxed. By using the fax image enhancement tool to improve contrast, these lines become more apparent in the sent fax.


The fax image enhancement tool is immediately available in your drchrono EHR. Since images are distorted during transmission, received faxes (post-transmission) cannot be enhanced with this tool — only outbound faxes may be enhanced. If you have reason to believe that an outbound fax may suffer in legibility, give our fax image enhancement tool a try.

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Using the Fax Enhancement Tool:

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