Introducing Patient Education

Building Your Online Presence: Public Documents

With the advent of the search engine, the population has developed a habit of seeking medical advice on the web. With Patient Education you may now upload documents to the drchrono online community where they will be indexed by search engines and displayed within search results. Providers and patients throughout the drchrono network will be able to access and share your documents. Additionally, with high-quality content, a great title, a thorough description, proper tagging, and other methods of search engine optimization, your practice and all documents associated with it, will rank higher in search results for anyone to view.

You can start by selecting a few documents from the public patient education material library in drchrono.


Sending Any Document to Any Patient

With Patient Education, documents don’t necessarily need to be uploaded publicly. Using Patient Education, you may privately upload any custom document and share it with your patient. The new Patient Education feature makes it easy to upload documents to your document library for easy distribution to any patient. If you’re short on time, you may browse documents and add other providers’ documents to your library for distribution to your patients.

Patient Education is live now, available for both the drchrono web and mobile EHR. The quantity of documents you may upload is limited by plan type:

  • Asclepius (Free EHR): 1 document
  • Prometheus: 10 documents
  • Hippocrates: 15 documents
  • Apollo: 25 documents
  • Apollo Plus: Unlimited documents

Below is a video from Daniel, cofounder and COO on uploading and mananging documents –

This is also a video from Daniel on sending patient material via iPad

If you are planning to upload more public documents than your plan currently supports, consider upgrading your account by contacting our sales line at (844) 569-8628 or at

For a macroscopic summary of Patient Education, you can view our infographic found here: What is Patient Education?



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