New Feature: Kiosk Mode for Patient Self Check-In

Streamlining Your Check-In Process





The drchrono EHR has two applications for you to use: the EHR/EMR app, and the Patient Check-In app. While the EHR/EMR app runs your day-to-day workflow, the Patient Check-In app focuses on streamlining and automating as much of the your practice’s patient check-in process as possible. With Kiosk Mode for the Check-In app, your patient may verify his/her background information, answer basic questions, sign forms — all without the supervision of a receptionist or staff member. By using the Kiosk Mode, you may save your office administrative strain and improve the patient experience, all at once.


Kiosk Mode is designed for use in a kiosk-mounted iPad but can also be used with any iPad. Kiosk Mode includes the following features:

  • Optimized for Guided Access: Temporarily disable your iPad’s home button to prevent accidental exiting of the app.
  • Use your iPad’s camera to have your patient take their own profile picture and/or pictures of their insurance information.
  • Confirm your patient’s basic information (customizable): name, date of birth, social security, language, phone number, email, address, emergency contact, medications, allergies, medical conditions, insurance information.
  • Required fields: Make fields required that patients must fill to check in.
  • Customizable fields for ‘Reasons For Visit’ and ‘Additional Information’.
  • Fill out questions and comments prior to visit.
  • Read and sign consent forms you upload.

To get started with Kiosk Mode, view our guide here.

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