New Feature: Bring Telemedicine to Your EHR with Chiron Health

Introducing the Chiron Health Telemedicine Integration

Telemedicine: Remote clinical services provided through telecommunications technology

Chiron Health is a telemedicine platform that is designed to get you connected with your patients and reimbursed through video visits. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Chiron Health to integrate telemedicine to your drchrono EHR. Effective immediately, you’ll be able to conveniently conduct appointments remotely through Chiron and in return, receive financial compensation for your services.

Telemedicine, Bringing Convenience to Healthcare

Have your doubts on telemedicine? Though Telemedicine is early in adoption, it’s big and is here to stay. We live in an era where technology has enabled businesses to offer ever more convenient services to their customers. They’re doing it for good reason too: consumers, now yearn for a more convenience-driven lifestyle, increasingly choosing online and delivery services over brick and mortar equivalents. Telemedicine, now reimbursable by insurance, is poised to disrupt traditional healthcare services by offering customers an unparalleled level of convenience while enabling providers worldwide access to customers previously out of their geographic reach. As telemedicine takes hold in mainstream healthcare services, great opportunities arise for a provider to become established as a telemedicine powerhouse ahead of the competition.

As a user of drchrono, you may begin establishing your telemedicine presence right in your EHR. With our partnership with Chiron Health, you and your patients now have seamless access to one of the industry’s most user-friendly and intuitive telemedicine services.

Using Telemedicine in Your drchrono EHR

With our Chiron integration, you can quickly schedule a telemedicine appointment just like your other appointments. By entering the keyword telemedicine into the reason for visit in your appointments, when you’ve finished entering all the appointment details and billing information, you’ll be automatically brought over to your Chiron portal where your previously entered details will be used to set up your video appointment. An email will be sent to your patient with a link to join the appointment.

For information on enabling Chiron Telemedicine in your EHR, contact your account manager at


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