The drchrono EHR gets a major update to iPad app

drchrono debuts a new mobile user interface for EHR iPad application

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – October 25th, 2016: The drchrono EHR, known for bringing electronic health records to mobile devices, has just announced a major overhaul to their EHR/EMR mobile application. The new update, version 10.0.46, brings new design elements to improve user experience and accessibility. The new interface is designed to provide consistency in the layout and function of the app while maximizing screen real estate for the workflow components of the mobile EHR/EMR. To get a closer look at the new changes, you can find a brief video overview on the new interface here.

Key Highlights

An Elegant, Simpler, and Modern UI

  • Reduced clutter by removing side panels to maximize screen real estate
  • Removal of hamburger-style menu
  • Introduction of a persistent navigation bar


Rethinking Accessibility

  • Navigation bar enables access to the five most essential workflow categories: Dashboard, EHR, Message Center, Tasks, and Account Settings. Significant future functionality and workflow improvements planned for ‘Tasks’.
  • Elements colored in blue now consistently indicate the item can be interacted with. Items in blue can be tapped on to access other pages, reveal a menu, or select an option.
  • The ‘+’ button now can be used to universally create new patients, appointments, photos, and logs.
  • Universal access to any patient information in clinical workflow. All your patient information has been consolidated to one menu accessed by tapping on the patient name.
  • All information in ‘Appointment Details’ is now consolidated on one scrollable page.
  • Improved search: finding patients and viewing recent patients now searched simultaneously through the same search bar.


Other New Features

  • Pharmacy location pin is now tappable on the map
  • Patient ‘Superbill’ now viewable on the billing section of the clinical workflow
  • Add & Edit Allergies, Medications, Problems, and Patient Flags available on iPhone


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  <em>Article by <a href="">Thomas Your</a>, Retention Specialist, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">drchrono</a></em><br /> Thomas produces product content backed with data as part of the Customer Success team at drchrono. Thomas has been working in healthcare and technology since 2011 with a focus on data analysis in wearable medical devices. Thomas holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, minoring in Computer Engineering and Business Administration & Management.