New Feature: Reference Fields Come to Template Builder

Enabling Cross-Template Data

Reference fields introduce a new function to the drchrono template builder: the ability to pull data from other templates. Now, when your patient fills out their onboarding information via onpatient, you may add a reference field to any template to pull the information they entered to a new template that is filled out during the appointment. This isn’t limited to onboarding forms — some drchrono users have templates for printed prescriptions and lab orders. There are many ways to use reference fields, including the example given below.

Sample Use: Reference Fields in Optometry

In the context of optometry, many providers collect data during the appointment then use that data to send a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. This is a simplified example template that could be used to collect the measurements required for a prescription.


After filling out the data entry template, a second template is used to set up a prescription. A reference field is used to pull data from the first template’s fields.


With the second template set up, all the optometrist needs to do is fill out the expiration date. When that is complete, the optometrist can print out the note associated with this template to use as a prescription for his/her patient.


The reference field feature is slated to be live Thursday, 11/10/16. As of now, reference fields are compatible with short text fields, single-select, and multi-select fields on the web EHR only. As we develop this feature further, all fields will become compatible with reference fields as well as with our mobile app. You may begin exploring reference field functionality by accessing your template builder through the clinical tab in your drchrono navigation bar.


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