The Importance of Customer Loyalty and Retention

Picture this scenario, a scenario we all find ourselves in on a fairly regular basis: You’re a customer shopping numerous options until you choose the company that provides the product you want.  More times than not, you do your due diligence and vette out the best from the less desirable offerings of the same product or service.  You cross shop.  You talk to sales reps.  You look for flaws.  You’re careful.  After going through this process, a process that often times take a decent chunk of your time, of your life, you make a choice, and choose a company to go with.  Congratulations!!  Both you and the company you choose are excited.  This is new.  This is fresh.  Just like a new relationship, the courting company wants to show you how they are different, how you are not just a number to them.  You feel special.  Everything goes well for a while, but very often, companies don’t do a good job of retaining their customer base, checking in on them, and actually SHOWING them they’re valued after the honeymoon phase has passed.

At drchrono, we believe in and value our customers across all stages of the consumer experience: from new leads to our longest tenured customers, we believe in not only telling you you’re valued and important to us, but showing you.  When you sign on with drchrono, you’re partnering with a growing, malleable, forward-thinking EHR company.  We are always listening to our customer base via UserVoice, a platform designed with you in mind to create and vote up features you’d like to see built out in our product.  We even have a fulltime individual staffed to manage this site to ensure your voice is heard.  We can’t build everything, but we certainly try and care about your input.  Despite the fact we do not have a direct inbound phone support line, our email ticketing model proves to be more reliable and often times, quicker to get you answers to your questions.  By utilizing a “smart” search by Inbenta, our support site pulls information from relevant support articles while you type your question, just in case there’s an existing article that can provide you with an immediate answer.  However, not to worry, you can always submit a support ticket here.

In short, drchrono truly cares about and values each and every one of our customers.  I have never worked for a company this committed to a customer base.  Without you, we are nothing.  Thank you for your continued support of us, and you have our word that we will always strive to provide you with the best product possible.  The beautiful thing about drchrono is we are growing, we are innovating, we are leading the way for the electronic health record industry.  Over time, we will only get better.  Strap in, get stoked and enjoy the ride with us, this is only the beginning.