EHR Urgent Care API Partner NextPatient

NextPatient. NextPatient’s free tools integrate with drchrono through the API and allow doctors to show their wait times and open appointments right on the front page of their websites. This is perfect for Urgent Care Clinics. The team is willing to put the times right on your website for free!

This is an example of what they can put on your site:

KQED talking with a physician of an Urgent Care clinic that uses drchrono.

chronoplex showing off how his app works.



For Walk-in Urgent Care:

What do patients dread most about walk-in urgent care? The waiting room. Patients often show up without knowing how long the wait will be, and might spend hours sitting there just to hold their spot in line.

NextPatient has a better way. Instead of making patients sit in your waiting room, why not let them wait at home? It works like this:

Step 1: Using NextPatient’s software, your current wait time is posted on the front page of your website.

See the patient’s experience in action and watch an interview: