EHR Medical Records API App Marketplace Approval Process

EHR Medical Records API App Marketplace Approval Process

We get this question from a number of developers trying to leverage our medical API.

Can developers use the API to insert any app into a medical record or only apps from the drchrono marketplace? For example, can a developer use the API to insert Microsoft OneNote notes into drchrono EHR medical records.

To submit an app to the drchrono app marketplace, the developer would build the app with a drchrono developer account. Developers can get access to a developer account here,

Once the developers app is ready, we then start the app review process. Once our team does a formal review, we then turn the app on, allowing any doctor to enable the new app if they choose. So for example, if Microsoft wanted to place Microsoft OneNote into the drchrono app marketplace, Microsoft would get a drchrono developer account, build the app, we then would review the app to make sure it meets all drchrono requirements, once reviewed and approved, any doctor can enable the app.

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