How Do I Navigate The New Dashboard?

drchrono’s dashboard provides customers an easy to read, easy to navigate screen to quickly view pertinent information.  With a quick glance you are able to view appointments, medical billing, messages and usage.

Here is what you will now see upon entering your drchrono account:

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “The dashboard is nice and all, but how do I get back to my calendar view?”

To view it, simply click on the “Calendar” button as shown below:

You are directed to the calendar view:

By clicking on the $ symbol for “Medical Billing”, you will be directed to your “Live Claims” feed:

As seen here:

Clicking on “Messages” will take you directly into the message center:

As seen here:

Clicking on “Usage” will take you to the “Pricing” page:

As seen here:

If at anytime you’d like to change your limits, you can always click the “Upgrade” button to increase account limits and gain access to additional features.