What is Good Customer Service?

Connections.  They are so fundamental to our success, well being, and happiness as humans.  There are over seven billion other humans on this earth for us to connect with.  How will we do it?  We may not connect with a hairsbreadth of this population, but one thing is for sure, the connections we make are important and impactful because the most valuable thing in this life are the connections we make with each other.

Each day, we get to decide what kind of impact we have in this world, and it all begins with other people.  How do you make people feel?  What impression do you leave?  With technology increasing and genuine human connection decreasing, how do we continue to strive for impact?  The answer to that is: Providing an exceptional customer experience.  Think about it like this: each person you interact with is your customer.  What is your personal brand?  Now switch gears, are you interacting with people in a situation where you’re representing a company?  I am lucky enough to be in a position where I get to.

This is actually the reason why I’m working for drchrono.  I wanted to make a positive human impact with a company that is not only focused on revolutionizing a provider’s experience in managing their healthcare business and ability to deliver great patient care, but is working to deliver a customer experience that sends people raving to their colleagues, friends, and families.  To be honest, this is the most customer-focused company I have been a part of to date.  I personally love being able to connect with other people on a daily basis.  Here are some of the things I’ve found have helped me deliver a great experience and mentor others within the company to do the same:

  1. Be “High touch”.  In order to provide excellent customer service, it’s very important to reach out to your customers often.  Call them up.  Check in on them.  See how everything is working for them.  Often times, companies only contact customers when an issue is present.  I fully believe in maintaining contact with customers even when nothing is wrong, just letting them know you care.

  2. Under promise and over deliver, because no one likes to be let down.  This one is an oldie but a goodie.  Often times, it is easiest, in the moment, to blurt out an unachievable promise to a dissatisfied customer.  However, in the end, that customer will end up even more upset after you are unable to follow through.  Set realistic expectations, and follow through – and, of course, go the extra mile whenever you can, surprising and delighting your customers when you do.

3.  Be genuine.  No one enjoys that fake customer service rep, you’re not fooling anyone!  At drchrono, we believe in genuine, thoughtful, personalized service.  People are smart.  They pick up quickly on empty promises, disingenuousness, etc., and when you don’t follow through you destroy any trust or rapport you’ve worked so hard to build.  Its not a risk we’re willing to take.  Our customers are too valuable to us.

  1. Go above any beyond.  From personal experience, my best customer service encounters are when someone went above and beyond for me during an interaction.  For example, while shopping at a favorite department store, it turned out the were out of stock on a pair of pants I very much wanted to buy.  The sales associate did not rest until she had checked the entire store, and was able to pull a pair in my size off of a mannequin for me.  Most times, the sales associate just checks the inventory and offers to order them online if they are out of stock.  Not this time.  This sales associate went completely above and beyond for me, and it felt great.  I have been back multiple times and enjoy shopping there, because they care more than most stores.  If you think the customer does not notice when you give canned responses or when you do not at least try to make SOMETHING work, you’re mistaken.  However, if you work with them, try a few fixes and truly try to make something work, that is the way to be.  That is truly serving the customer.

  2.  If you’re in a service related role, always remember why you are in this industry.  If you’re in a hiring position for someone in the role, remember how important the connections these very important people make with your customer base.  If you’re interviewing someone for a service related position and in the process of getting to know them you find that their answers are anything but “I genuinely want to help people” or “I enjoy solving problems” and so forth, you might be talking to the wrong person.  It is called customer SERVICE for a reason, we truly do serve other people.  This lends to be incredibly rewarding, when done right.  A large part of accomplishing this successfully is leaving your ego at the door.  Our connections tend to be so much richer in general when we’re able to do this.

Although it is very difficult to provide exceptional customer service, it can be done.   It all comes down to connections.  Human connections are the most precious bonds you can make while on this earth, so make them count.  How will people remember their interaction with you?