New Features & Enhancements for June

Below is a list of our newest features and enhancements.


  • Office List
    • You can customize your office by arranging them in the order of your preference.

  • Providers List
    • You can customize your provider list by arranging them in the order of your preference.

  • Multiple Offices
    • You now have the option to view all your appointments at your various office locations under one view; you can select multiple offices to appear on your calendar.



  • Favorite Lab Orders
    • You can now customize your favorite lab orders by removing any old lab orders from your favorites list.

  • Edit Note Option
    • You will no longer find the Edit Note option under Patient Demographics for cancelled, rescheduled or no-show appointments.

  • Eligibility Enhancement


  • Audit Log Enhancement
    • Our system can now track changes made in the Audit Log by patients on Onpatient.

  • OnPatient Access via iPad
    • You can provide your patients access to our patient portal, onpatient, from the drchrono EHR iPad App. In the iPad EHR App, click on the appointment screen and turn on access for the patient.


  • Claim ID Number
    • You can now see drchrono’s Internal Claim ID Number in the Live Claims Feed; this will help you locate the appointment from our daily billing email.

  • Provider Number
    • You can now set the type of provider number under Insurance Set Up Screen.

  • Product/Procedure Enhancement
    • In the Product/Procedure Report, we now have a column that shows you the respective provider for each appointment.
  • Modifier 83
    • We have updated our system with a new modifier; modifier #83 – Physicians Assistant or Nurse Practitioner as Assistant Surgeon.

  • Price with Tax
    • You can now find both Price and and Price with Tax information on the Custom Procedure Screen.