Medical / Healthcare RESTful API – OAuth Single Sign-On

Physician Single Sign-On

In the United States, there are trillions of medical records transfers annually in diverse data formats from HL7, Direct Messaging, Blue Button, DiX12, NCPDP, CCD, CCDR and the list goes on. We are focusing on building a modern infrastructure for healthcare. There are also thousands of developers, companies and startups creating hardware focused on healthcare IoTs and software for medical practices. Today I wanted to focus on one topic, the single sign-on.

Developers can leverage our Single Sign-On technology through our API. Single Sign-On can save a doctor time going from software to software, website to website, app to app. With more and more software released for doctors to use they are having to recall more and more passwords. Now with our single sign-on technology, a doctor can login to software in their practice with ease.

Developers can request to enable our simple REST API for single sign-on. Developers, customers, apps and partners are using our single sign on, it is live and it is used around the web.

If you are interested in getting started we have some really great documentation on leveraging our API to do an authorization via our RESFful API. If you are looking to just use our single sign-on, we support that. If you are interested in building and integrating deeper with us, to build something that us useful for our user base, that can be a great way to get some traction as well and partner with us. A list of some of our partners can be found here. We have over 70,000+ registered physicians and are happy to partner with other companies that bring value to our platform or make something doctors want and saves them time.

Some great example partners leveraging our single sign-on are and both of these websites allow a physician to login via our single sign-on. An authorization prompt happens and the doctor can log into the other site. A great benefit is that physicians don’t have to create another username and password, they can use just the one.

If you’re interested in using a healthcare single sign-on, please sign up!

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