Learn Apple Watch Medical Records in 6 Minutes

Apple Watch is officially out and people are starting to get them! I recommend after getting your Apple Watch to watch the training below, it will give you an good idea on how to use Apple Watch and some of its features. Apple Watch is a must get for physicians, it will help save you time and will give you daily insights into your practice. You can now see information very quickly on your wrist, having your hands free. It just works. I have had my watch for over a week now and it is simply a delight.

Installing Apps on Apple Watch

Getting to know how to install and uninstall apps on Apple Watch takes a few minutes to figure out. All apps are installed and uninstalled via the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. The video shows you how to do that as well.

Forced Touch

Some of the secret features on Apple Watch are learning how to do a force touch certain views on an app. What is a forced touch? It is a hard press on the watch for a longer than expected amount of time. It will give you additional options on an app.


Make sure that when you install the drchrono EHR app you also turn glances, so when you swipe up from the main watch face you quickly see a glance of total patients you have seen and how many more you have to see as well as a total amount of messages you have not read.

The Handoff

One really great thing that we’ve released with our drchrono Apple Watch app is something called a handoff. You can go from the messages on your Apple Watch, which shows a chiclet of the drchrono logo on the lock screen of your iPhone, if you swipe up from the lock screen on your iPhone pressing on the chiclet, doing that you can actually view attachment! We are working on making this hand off in other sections of the app as well so you can jump from a bit of information from Apple Watch to more information in our drchrono EHR iPhone app.

Turning Apple Watch On and Off

How do you turn off the Apple Watch? Good question, press and hold side button (not the crown) for a few seconds and you’ll be shown an overlay with a button to swipe to power off, another to enter power reserve mode, and a third to lock the device (if you have Apple Watch locking setup). These operate like the power off button on the iPhone.

The two buttons on the watch are mostly analogous to those on an iPhone: the crown is like the home button, the other is like the power button.