Benefits of Switching to DrChrono EHR

Moving to an EHR platform can truly help a medical practice optimize their business in amazing ways, but practitioners should be sure to weigh their choices carefully. I’d like to shed some light on why choosing drchrono’s EHR is the best choice you can make if you’re looking for an EHR solution. Why, you ask? Well, that’s simple, but since we have too many benefits to mention in a short, slick, marketing spiel, we’ll let you read on for the details – what we will say up front is this: If you want a super simple solution that’s going to cover your needs A to Z (and we mean it, our services run the gamut from e-prescriptions to billing services), then this is the EHR for you.

If you’re looking to run your practice from anywhere, you’ve found the right place to do it.

That’s right – go ahead and schedule appointments from your back deck. Refill prescriptions from the golf links. Want to review lab results from the beach while you’re on vacation with your family? If that’s your thing, we can support your ability to do that.  We’re a mobile company. Our app is cloud based and we’re on the iPad, iPhone, and even the Apple Watch.

Stressed out by all the paper cluttering around the office?

By partnering with drchrono, say goodbye to all of those cumbersome charts, documents, forms and more.  We are completely digital so go ahead and upload even your most important, sensitive information, we’re completely HIPAA compliant and much safer than keeping all the paper around.  We make your office-life smoother, more efficient and more secure.  Imagine seamlessly uploading patient charts, images and more for your viewing, all right within a few finger taps on your iPad, iPhone, or your desktop.

Do you enjoy dinner?  We thought you might.

With drchrono, we have cool tools like easy WYSIWYG template builders which make charting a breeze.  Heck, we’ll even build out your templates for you if you want.  All this translates to less time in the office, so you can make it to where you want to be, when you want to get there.  You won’t find a more thorough, comprehensive or customizable option than drchrono.  Adding pre-built templates to your practice dramatically increases face-to-face contact with patients, unless of course you don’t like that sort of thing.  Charting on the fly in real time (on your iPad no less!) while you can maintain some modicum of eye contact, allows you to provide higher quality, more interactive care and build stronger relationships with your patients. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Get the 411 & Stay Connected.

We offer a comprehensive onboarding program that allows patients to upload and fill out their pertinent information to a secure online portal even before setting foot in your office.  With drchrono, you have the ability to view patient information before their initial visit and know what’s in front of you as you prepare for your day.  Who doesn’t like that?  That same patient portal allows you to securely communicate, share medical data, refill prescriptions, and much more.  At drchrono we believe in the power of human connection, to better understand one another.  This philosophy bleeds into everything we do, creating a more personal experience for doctors and patients alike.

We want your feedback. No, really, we do.

We actually have a channel where we formally gather customer feedback here. Other users can review the feedback that is posted in this forum and vote on these features as well. This feedback is then regularly reviewed internally by a formal review board and a cross functional team determines which features will make the product roadmap. So, yes, we actually do listen. We do truly value what our customers have to say, and we want their feedback because intrinsically we do believe that we can’t be great unless we’re willing to listen and respond to what our customers feel is valuable.

Partner with us at drchrono.  We love people, we value people and you’ll see that from the moment you get in contact with us.  We specialize in providing a customer-focused service.  We are incredibly passionate, we are growing and the options are endless for where we can go from here.

Next up: Numerous other EHR companies charge upwards of $11,000 to extract information after leaving their service.  drchrono, on the other hand, allows data extraction for pennies on the dollar, all within a couple mouse clicks.